You are not interested in him

Alas, most often the reason is elementary – the man you simply no longer interesting, and to continue to communicate he did not intend. If this happened at the initial stage of your relationship, when convergence has just begun, do not try to persuade him to try again or to give you a chance. Obsessive women who loves little, and if you give him already is not very good, practically no chance.

Unfortunately, the decision to divide male can take and after a long relationship. And it so happens that, unable to make it beautiful, he finds nothing better than just to leave in English. You can of course try to talk to him and return, but no extreme steps are not taken. Remember that if the love is there, your partner will definitely be back. If she was to do nothing.

A man is too shy

It is considered that men – active and aggressive gender. If they need a girl, they give her to feel it. But not always! Meet among the representatives of the stronger sex shy and hesitant. In addition, if you struck a man with her beauty and he was just numb from the thought that you may be interested in, indecision men often increases exponentially. And now he sits at home next to the piece of paper on which is written your phone, he can not decide to call.

And it so happens that you are offering a meeting or call, but the man is afraid to screw it up or just doesn't know how to entertain on a date... and not answering his phone. If you encounter such an instance, try to give him confidence and a bit of cheer. Perhaps you were too arrogant, and now it is necessary to give a man hope.

Maybe he really busy?

Women are often more dramatic than. Understand first, what exactly do you think a sign of neglect on the part of men. If he didn't answer and didn't call back in 15 minutes, do not think that you are now blacklisted and permanently removed from his life. Perhaps he really is busy and just hasn't been able to talk to you. By the way, men never put family and relationships above work. No matter how much choice you have loved, and no matter how you have been dear to him – work for him will always be slightly more important and slightly more expensive. And offended is not worth it. After all, a man should provide for his family including you.