Employment and leisure

The husband is the main earner funds in the family. He can take most of his time. Accordingly, earnings is its primary purpose. In an effort to fulfill it, a man can devote practically all his time. The main thing for him is positive.

As a consequence of high energy costs on the job, the man, coming home, needs to have rest. In this case, the house becomes a place where you can rest and relax, not only physically, but also psychologically. He simply does not remain forces for home Affairs. In the statement he claims concerning the lack of attention the man gets annoyed. He doesn't understand why the wife is unhappy, as it makes every effort to ensure her and the children. The solution may be a constructive dialogue for which you want to choose the right time. Perhaps it would be better to do this weekend.

Loss of interest

One of the reasons that my husband pays little attention to his wife - loss of interest in her as a woman. This can happen even at the beginning of their life together. This is justified by the fact that the man made the woman and relaxed. He worked the end of the program "Conquest". However, he is absolutely sure that to pay attention to the woman should be only in the process of courtship.

When a long marriage a man may cease to be interested in the wife. This happens because over time they get used to each other so that they cease to perceive their spouse as a sexual object. As a result, lost the need it.

In the case when the wife stops to look after themselves, the husband also fails to pay attention to. Groomed appearance, plump figure, in untidy clothing is unlikely to attract the attention of men. All this, on the contrary, will contribute to the search for new sensations on the side.


Pay attention to their behavior in the family. If you are constantly nervous, raise your voice and Express claims, the husband will avoid communicating with you. The reason for this is it will try to protect itself from nerve-wracking moments. Find a way of correcting their behavior, learn to relax. So not only do you lead your nerves in order, but will also help the husband to find in the family vacation.

If you cannot resolve problems, contact your specialist. Family psychologist will help to find the reasons of misunderstanding of the spouses, as well as give necessary advice on improvement of psychological climate in the family.