Advice 1: How to achieve a guy who pays no attention to you

Unfortunately, love is not always mutual. However, if the beloved pays no attention to you, this does not mean that he will have to give. On the contrary, try to conquer his heart, make him fall in love with you. If you do it right, you probably will be able to get the attention and location that you are interested in men.
How to achieve a guy who pays no attention to you
In any case, do not despair! If the guy does not pay attention to you, that doesn't mean you are not attractive or unworthy of it. Act wisely and carefully, try new tools, but do not abandon your goal, even if it seems unachievable.
Find out what girls like you are interested in the young man. Try to understand what constitutes his ideal, and then become them. It is not only appearance, but also Hobbies, preferences, etc. Find out what kind of music does your partner like he spends free time, what movies he loves, etc., and then carefully study his interests. For example, if he supports a certain football team, you need to know more about the rules of the game of football, the history of his beloved team, its success, composition, etc.
Dress is beautiful, but not vulgar. Do not use too much makeup: if you dress provocatively, decent young people are unlikely to pay attention to you. If you found out that your partner likes it when girls wear long flowing dresses start wearing them. The same applies to hairstyles, shoes and accessories: be guided by the preferences you are interested in a guy.
You go to those places where he often goes, but try not to RUB his eyes. For example, if your partner frequents discos, learn to dance beautifully and go there. Be bolder, more confident, remember that you are irresistible. The man hardly pay attention to the shy girl at the disco sits quietly all night in the corner instead of dancing.
Find a reason to get to know him better. For example, if you know that he loves the films of a Director, ask him for a couple of days drive under the pretext that they themselves love this man, but I can't find the film, about which so much was heard. Your partner not only learns that you and he have common interests, but also will want to talk to you about your favourite movies. If he'll lend you the disc, look it up and be sure to share your impressions. This method almost always works, and the details depend only on the Hobbies of the guy.

Advice 2 : How to attract the attention of wealthy men

A difficult task for a husband to get Prince. This active, even purposeful activity - not fun as some people think. To meet a wealthy man is the only part of ideas. To attract and retain it much more difficult.
How to attract the attention of wealthy men
If you've ever met in my life, a beautiful and wealthy man, no need to hope that he will immediately fall to your feet, and you will not have to make any effort. Such stories happen only in fairy tales.

The secrets of conquering men

In the behavior of girls should be the highlight. No need to open up a man and turn his soul inside out.
You must be a mystery he wants to solve.

To awaken interest in himself and interest him, she should be a totally unpredictable personality. The beautiful half of humanity should not allow the point that the man eventually became boring and uninteresting to her. A woman should not be read by the book. She needs him to constantly surprise and fascinate.

The girl must be a rich inner world. She just need to be able to support your partner, listen to him, and at the right time and keep silent.
Not everyone will like it when during a conversation he interrupted idle chatter.

Young wealthy men, of course, first attracted by the appearance of the girl. But not only it can draw the attention of young people. They might be interested in intelligence girl, because you must have some common topics of conversation. Very important to be able to hold a conversation.

An important aspect of the conquest of the men of your dreams

The most important aspect in winning a wealthy man remains a first impression. The young man should want more time to see the girl. As you know, men love with their eyes. And, consequently, women should monitor their appearance and be groomed. At the same time she should not behave vulgarly and aggressively. On the contrary, it is best to be natural, elegant and open in communication and behavior.

In any case, cannot be imposed on men. Them scares me a little persistence. Ideally, you should make sure that he first approached you. Try to understand that we should not ever complain about your life and no one to discuss or judge in his presence. Men do not like gossips. You need to make sure that you he saw a successful, purposeful, happy woman.
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