Remember history. If you are a long time familiar with your loved personsohms, and you already had a relationship, maybe this way, he or she sends his offense. Think, if not manipulating your partner? In this case, you had better not to succumb to his maneuvers. Stay out and don't do anything you don't want. If you give in once, this situation could be repeated.
Think, maybe your favorite person by ignoring you trying to include psychological protection. Of course, this is not the best tactic of dealing with difficulties, but it is the place. Thus, avoiding you, people trying to prevent discussion that concerned him at the moment of the topic. As the conversation may be painful, better yet do not start it. Eventually your partner will find out or are ripe for conversation.
Consider this: maybe before beloved man began to ignore you, you asked for something impossible from him. Your partner may be difficult to admit your helplessness and powerlessness in this matter. Try to temper their demands and requirements.
Try to forget the personand if he ignores you in the beginning of the relationship. This can only mean one thing: you're not interesting and not needed. Not all people are able in the face to tell the truth. Perhaps he prefers to hide and avoid you and not talk openly, honestly and openly. Let's face it: your relationship is hopeless.
Run from someone who periodically render you attention signs, meets with you and then ignores for days and weeks. It is obvious that you keep in reserve. Surely, such a manand there are one or more partners. Either it's my nature loving or hedged. In any case, think about whether you need such unreliable, cynical people nearby who could betray you at any moment.