You fell in love with and beloved doesn't know about it and not even notice you. Don't know your name, what's fun for you. And your dreams about him. Talk to him first. Find a reason that will bring you closer together and you finally meet. Don't be afraid of the conversation. Gain strength and confidence. Hint the object of his love, that you would not mind, if you meet with him again. But in any case do not impose. He must think that the meeting he appoints you, not you to him.
Find out from their sources, what does your object of adoration. Ask reliable people about their interests and Hobbies, about his hobby. You should have the maximum common interests. If necessary, read the book if he likes reading, watching football, if he is a football fan, etc.
And here's your meeting took place. Do not hesitate it. Behave calmly and confidently. During your communication as much as possible make your target number of compliments. But don't overdo it. You need to ensure that he knew what his features, actions, actions like. You don't need to he fell in love with himself and became a self-love.
If possible, go to all the events that are visited by your favorite. You must become indispensable to him. And for this you should pass a huge way.
If your loved one sees you as a friend, and you become for him the girl he could spend the rest of your life, understand yourself. Whether you need one that does not pay you enough attention. It's enough to communicate: analyze his behavior, manners. Maybe he's the one you don't need, you were looking for another man. And he was exactly as he is and not the way you imagined it in your dreams. If it was, stop thinking about this person. So your happiness is waiting for you in the near future. And do not be upset by trifles.