The reasons for the silence of the young man

The boy might be talking to a girl for many reasons. They can be good or not, but in any case, there is concern about the relationship.

There are several reasons why a man may not speak with the girl:

1. She was annoyed with him. The guy stops to chat with a girl, leading to her confusion. In this case, you need to understand what the reason was irritation. Maybe the guy is just angry at some act of the girl. If she realize that she is guilty, then you need to ask for forgiveness and not to wait for the young man to make the first move.

2. He was disappointed. This condition can be caused by several reasons. The guy feels frustrated, because I began to notice the shortcomings of his girlfriend. Not wanting to communicate, it shows its state. The cause of the frustration a guy can be, not only the appearance of the girl, but also her behavior.

3. A matter of time. The man begins to realize that a girl spends a lot of hours. Because of this, he does not have time for themselves and their needs. Not knowing how to tell the girl, he stops communicating with her. To avoid such situations, you just need to give the guy some private time.

4. He survived the stress. This can be the reason for the silence guy. Experienced stress, the problems, which says the girl, her expectations and his commitment to her can get a man to shut up.

5. His thoughts not only about your girlfriend. The guy can just meet someone else. It may interest him more than his girlfriend, which causes silence. He just can't find the words to explain the situation.

6. The end of the relationship. Not talking to the girl, the guy shows that any relationship between them no longer exists. He can't say about it, so silent and waits, when she will understand.

What to do?

When a loved one begins to move away, I want to take active steps to return the lost closeness. But they're the least necessary in this situation. Girl you need to try to rethink what I could to push away a loved one and get him to stop talking to her. It is obvious that the young man has serious grounds for, and the girl just does not see them.

If there is no understanding of the causes of the separation of guy, no need to take active steps for convergence. He will understand it as tightening it in an uncomfortable and unpleasant situation for him.

Girl needs to learn to listen to your guy and understand his needs. The only way to reduce the distance to show their love, not returning to what it was. He realizes that this convergence happened naturally, and it will not deliver it discomfort.

Need to learn to respect the freedom of choice of man and to be patient. It is not enough only one desire for pleasure close contact with each other. You also need to be able to sympathize, to understand, to care. So instead strive for a return to reach, you should try to give the boy the care and tenderness, to bring joy and understand his needs.

In that case, if young people are to blame for the incident, but feels that and stops to talk to a girl you need to make him respect yourself. It is not necessary to arrange a hysterics, to make a complaint and whine. You need to convey to the guy that will support him, whatever his problem nor weighed.

You can leave the young person some time and give him the opportunity to understand what was going on. If not called or did not come, so she did not need.