What is the difference between male psychology his feelings to the woman directly depend on the interest that it raises. For example, if a man is cheating, he's not doing this because of love, because seeking new experiences. Thus, to return his feelings, it is necessary to cause in it interest you, and then permanently or from time to time to maintain interest.

To intrigue the man in the early Dating, a lot of effort is not required - enough female coquetry. But if you are long enough together, should be a different tactic.

What is of interest to men? Something new, unknown to him that he wants to solve. That's why they say a woman should be a mystery to men. Actually, you don't need to do something or play a puzzle. For men - is itself a mystery, a mystery which he cannot understand until the end. Femininity is something that is in you by nature, what makes the strongest unarmed man.

What is the femininity? It is not only the wisdom and softness and understatement, understatement. You can live with a man for many years, but he never to the end will not unravel. Therefore, the first rule to maintain a man's interest: not to open up to him completely. May you (and he) will be some personal space.

In any case, he did not impose himself. Its communication, opinions, feelings. Men do not like when they impose something, they need to take the initiative. Allow it to manifest for you. If you are in need of male assistance, take the time to show that you can handle it. Encourage his every action, when he cares for you (open the door for you, carry bags from the store, to meet you after work, etc.). It will behave like a gentleman if you behave like a lady.

No need to think that the man must have something to love, to care, to change, etc. Your task - not to force him to do something, and to do so, that he wanted to do it. To him it was nice to take care of you. Another frequent error is the blame. Reproaches from men, nothing can be achieved, can only cause mutual irritation or quarrel.

At the same time, do not think that you all should catch it and please. Also, do not dwell on your relationship. Interested in something new, get new experiences, communicate with different people, be self-sufficient.

A man may lose interest in a woman when he thinks she's completely won. You need to shake this confidence. Let him see that you like other men. You can flirt a little to see this (the main thing not to overdo it).

If to no avail, you can simply leave a man for a while. Of course, there is a risk that he'd be gone. If that happens, you can then find another person who you really love. If your man wants you to return, then, when familiar with your feelings. In this case he will realize that he needs you, will you cherish and do not want to lose them again.