When the beloved does not respond to the message, first and foremost don't panic and make hasty conclusions. Perhaps your text came to his phone or he has not had time to read it. It is not excluded that your choice are very busy and simply has no time to write a response or call back. Exercise patience and composure. Wait for some time.

But if after a sufficient time he didn't answer, no need to blame yourself and to convince that he stopped loving you. Suddenly he fell serious problems that require immediate action, or is he sick, tired, asleep?

The best way to find out why he is silent to give him a call. Don't be afraid to make the first move. Remember that you cannot just throw your favorite people. Sometimes you have to step over their own pride and act for the sake of the Union. Sometimes young people do not respond to text women, when you want to make sure the strength of her feelings. Especially when before she rarely called him and practically clarify the initiative in the relationship.

Usually it quickly relieves the tension and clarifies all the urgent problems. But how to act if it does not respond not only on messages but also on phone calls?

Of course, a man may deliberately ignore your messages and calls if he is offended, slighted, hurt to live. Remember, not causing him pain in the past few days? In addition, he could learn from friends or otherwise of any lies on your part and decided to remain silent. In this situation, it is best to write a sincere message in which you want to Express your feelings, to ask forgiveness. And then you will just have to wait for his reaction.

Probably your relationship lately was not the best way, maybe he got tired of them and wanted to make a temporary time-out to test their and your feelings. Give him the opportunity. He is sure he will be in touch when you understand what you really need.

If the young man stopped responding to calls and texts and is completely gone from your life, do not despair. Gentlemen in this way do not finish the relationship, so such a man is unworthy feelings and tears.