The parties reached a litigation settlement agreement is one of the reasons for the completion of proceedings in arbitration courts, courts of General jurisdiction (global, regional). One of the plaintiff relevant to the issues in this situation is the distribution of public duties, since the initial statement of requirements it is paid in the General order. Regardless of the type of court on procedural law gives the parties the right to agree on distribution of expenses on state duty in the settlement agreement. For example, the document can be assigned the duty of the defendant to pay the plaintiff half spent on duty amounts to develop other rules. After the approval of the court on such agreement, it becomes binding for the parties. If agreement is not reached, then subject to the General rules of distribution of expenses on state duty.

A duty upon approval of the settlement agreement in bankruptcy court

If the case was heard in the arbitration court and the parties agreed to its termination by a settlement agreement, the plaintiff can expect to return half of the fees paid. The only condition is that the approval of this agreement pending a decision on the case, because the rule on the return half of the paid amount does not apply in cases where the parties reach agreement at the stage of enforcement proceedings. To receive funds, the plaintiff must contact the tax office at the location of the court with the corresponding statement, to which is attached a judicial act and a document confirming the payment of certain amounts in fees.

A duty upon approval of the settlement agreement in the court of General jurisdiction

If the settlement agreement achieved in the proceedings among ordinary citizens in the world or the district court, the law requires the parties themselves to resolve the question of the allocation of costs in the text of this agreement. No special rules on the return of duty from the budget in this case does not apply, so the plaintiff may not appeal with the relevant requirement.

In other words, in the absence of conditions on the distribution of duties in the text of the agreement, the plaintiff will simply incur the cost of payment in a General manner. Hand in the text of the settlement agreement in this case often include the obligation of the defendant to pay the plaintiff half of the amount of the fee.