You will need
  • Receipt for payment of registration fee
If the court refused to accept the lawsuit for consideration on any grounds, in accordance with paragraph 1 of article 333.40 NK the Russian Federation, you can return back the paid state fee in full. If the trial was commenced but before the decision of the court you signed a settlement agreement, you can expect to return half of the amount of the fee. To return the funds back, come to the court, which issued a denial of the claim, or considered your business in part, and declare the return of the full amount or part of it.
The request must be in the name of the judge, you failed in your claim. In the statement, specify the payment of fees and number of your failed lawsuit, or a lawsuit culminating in a settlement agreement. Also write down what amount you are asking to return. Submit the original of the payment document – the receipt on payment of state duty. If you return only part of the duty, the original owner you will not, but in this case, it is sufficient to attach a copy of the payment document.
The judge will review your application and make a determination about the refund you overpaid funds. Take away from this court a ruling on the return of the specified sum from the budget. Bring the court's determination to the regional Department of the tax Inspectorate. In the inspection, write a statement for the payment of amounts due to you. In the header of the application enter your passport information. The text of the statement write the refund amount and Bank details for transfer of funds to your account by the Treasury.
Along with the application, provide the inspector a determination of the court and the original of the payment document. Your application will be considered at the tax office. Within one month you will be refunded the registration fee into the specified Bank account.