You will need
  • - receipt of payment of state duty;
  • - payment order for payment (for organizations);
  • a statement that you belong to a category of persons, exempt from tax, and proof of your status;
  • - application for deferment or installment payment of the state fee and documents showing your dire financial condition, disease, etc.
Payment of state duty for consideration and adoption proceedings in the judicial practice provided by the Tax code of the Russian Federation. Its size depends on the court in which the case (the court of General jurisdiction, arbitration, etc.).
To pay legal costs, ask the court staff or the Bank the necessary Bank details, as each court are different.
If you go to court as individuals, fill in the Bank receipt, and if the organization or individual entrepreneur make a payment order. This receipt you need after applying to the claim.
There are some cases when the law exempts certain categories of persons from payment of state fees. For example, it is the plaintiffs who go to court to claim wages, child support and benefits, protection of the rights of persons with disabilities, rights of the child and a Complete list of persons exempted from payment of the state duty provided in article 333.36 of Chapter 25.3 of the Tax code of the Russian Federation.
To be eligible for exemption from state tax, specify in the statement of claim that you belong to the privileged categories of persons and attach documents or their notarized copies confirming this right.
If you have no money and the right to exemption from paying the fee, ask the court for deferment or installment of payment. To do this, write the appropriate statement and attach it to the suit. Can also specify the request for postponement in the text of the statement of claim.
Don't forget to justify your request with the relevant documents, as the deferment is a right, not a duty of the court. Reasons that allow you to request deferment: a difficult financial situation, the presence of dependents, illness, absorbing all your money. In some cases, the legislation provides for the refund of the state fee.