Please contact the arbitration court and ask to issue a certificate of return paid thcourtarctonoe polshiny. Usually the document is sent by mail or issued with a decision or determination of the court. If you have paid the overpayment of the stamp duty in the court, it is necessary to obtain the correct calculation amount. These references can be obtained in the Department that deals with the issue of writs. You need the operative part of the decision of the courtin which stipulates the fee to be compensated.
Collect the documents required for refund of registration fee. Mandatory you need a payment order, under which you make payment. If the fee is reimbursed fully, to the tax office served the original document which will returned after you return the amount. If the collection is necessary to return partially, enough to make a copy of the payment and put your signature on it. Legal persons must also certify the document with the seal of the company.
Write a statement to return thcourtarctonoe duties. You must specify the date and amount of payment, reference number of the payment order, then enter the amount of compensation. After that check your passport or registration data and specify the Bank details of the Bank account to which you want to transfer the amount of duty paid.
If you are an individual and don't possess a Bank account, then first it will need to open. Money in the tax inspection will not be issued.
Submit your application and documents to the tax office, it is Desirable to send all this by registered mail with the investment inventory. Save the shipping receipt in case of disputes. Will receive a written decision on your request. If you receive a denial of indemnity we have the right to apply to the court to resolve disputed point.