The state duty for divorce shall be paid by each of the spouses in a joint filing or a spouse under certain circumstances. The amount of the duty in a joint application for divorce is four hundred roubles for each spouse, the same amount will have to pay at divorce in a judicial order. If one spouse is convicted of committing a grave crime, recognized as legally incapable or missing, the statement on divorce is served by a second spouse alone. In this case, the fee is only two hundred rubles from that spouse.

Where to get details for payment of the state duty for divorce?

To pay a fee for the provision of public services for dissolution of marriage to appeal to the authorities, as when applying you will need to provide proof of the relevant payments. That is why it is recommended to know the details for the transfer, which are usually placed on the websites of the regional offices of the registry office in each constituent entity of the Russian Federation. Details in different subjects are different, so you should go to the website of the Department for registration of acts of civil status of his region. If the opportunity to visit the specified site, or for any reason it is not posted details for payment of registration fee, you can find all the necessary information in the immediate office of the Registrar.

The order of payment of the state duty for divorce

With the details for payment of registration fee and passports to spouses should contact the branch of any Bank. In this case, the funds in the designated amounts are to be paid directly in cash, and taxpayers receive a receipt as proof of transfer. You can also use the remote opportunities for the payment of a fee (e.g. the Internet Bank), but to visit the office of the credit institution will still be required, as in this case, the transfer of funds is confirmed by the payment order, which is a mark of Bank about execution. Payment documents are forwarded to the Registrar's office along with the application, then the Registrar implements all the necessary procedures to divorce. Note that the fee must be paid in the place in which the application for registration of divorce.