Reasons for turning to the world judge may be set. Among these and purchase defective goods, and failure to comply with the obligations under the contract, and causing property damage to you or your company, as well as many others.
Regardless, what were your reasons for going to world the judge in the district or bankruptcy court, there is a certain procedure of applying, to the world judge for help in restoring your rights.
To start I would like to note that the appeal to the world to judge only by the filing of the complaint in the case, and in the process, starting with the phrase "your honors" or "Your honor." It is accepted and established in society appeal to the justices.
Make a claim in accordance with the law. We believe it is necessary to notice, that the statement of claim directed on consideration in court of the first instance may be made concerning civil, housing, labour, family, land and even a criminal case in which one of the parties is a citizen (natural person) and with respect to such dispute which is in no way connected with the business.
Prepare the necessary documents and copies of documents (passport, proof case, etc.) to Pay the state duty, the amount of which is determined by the current legislation (the Tax code) and depends on the size of the claim.
Attach the receipt on state duty payment documents and the statement of claim. Please contact the office of magistrate at the domicile of the defendant personally or send all the above documents by registered mail with notification.
Wait for a response. The procedure to access the world the judge will be over and your case will proceed to the next stage – the stage of consideration.