You will need
  • Requisites for payment of the fee.
Before payment of the state fee find out its size in accordance with the classification. Check with the worker that you want to make a payment, the exact amount of funds needed for the transfer. If such data have not been reported, you can specify the amount of payment to the official public website of the structure, requiring the introduction of a fee, or in the course of the payment during a visit to Sberbank or use of the terminal. Also, check the details for the payment.
To pay fees visit the local branch of Sberbank and the Russian post. Most often payment is made in Sberbank by means of special terminals or through the Department staff. Through the terminal you can pay using a credit card. For payment in the mail you can fill in the corresponding form at the nearest branch or to provide accurate details of the recipient of payment.
To pay the stamp duty directly from home with the right credit card. To do this, go to the official website, on your region and follow the instructions on the website to make a payment.
When undertaking any payment, make sure you know the address of the payee, description of services and fees for payment, as well as complete banking details.
If the paid amount of the duty is exceeded, you can carry out a partial refund. It is necessary to write the corresponding application form and submit it to the tax authority at the place of payment or the court in which it considered the case. The return is made within one month.