Of a passionate kiss can go on for hours. The feeling that it is possible to get unforgettable and indescribable in words: it is the prevailing opinion of fans of these caresses. Different people like certain movements of the tongue, lips, also they may have their own preferred pace and technique.

However, not everyone already had the opportunity to experience a passionate kiss. How to create the right atmosphere for this kind of affection, leaving only pleasant emotions?

How to get the most enjoyment from a passionate kiss

Properly prepared atmosphere gives more confidence and increases the chances of getting unforgettable impressions. Before you passionately kiss your partner, it is necessary at this point to prepare.

What do you need for a passionate kiss? It makes sense to focus on the preferences of your partner. If you are dealing with the romantic, the ideal option would be the appropriate atmosphere: the sunset on the shore of a sea or river; the dim lights in your cozy nest, dinner with candles and nice romantic music or romance.

It is advisable to choose a not too crowded place, so as not to distract and to confuse outsiders. If your partner is not as gentle and sensitive nature, but on the contrary – bright and expressive, great work, the surprising moments and the element of surprise. For example, talking to each other about something abstract, for a long time not averting her gaze and suddenly kiss him. To be sure, is unforeseen to them the expression of feelings will not remain unanswered.

A little about the technology a passionate kiss

Kissing can be different, but how to do it passionately, to the body running the coveted goosebumps and chilled him to shiver and dizziness? You can start to caress her partner's wrists, cheeks, shoulders, back, and can immediately begin to take decisive action. Here you can come out of the situation, and your desire and mood.

Perfectly partner will prepare a preliminary gentle kisses on the cheek, then the neck. A great sign will be tortured breathing of your loved one, then you can confidently begin to caress the lips.

The first kiss, try to determine what kind of touch they like best: aggressive, affectionate, without language, with its deep penetration or a slight slip of the tongue over his lips.

Don't be afraid to experiment - for example, biting your lip or tongue to touch the teeth of the partner. Passionate barely audible postanyvaniya in the ear also increases the desire of your partner.