Pain under the shoulder blade may indicate that as the disorder of the nervous system, and severe cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, even in the presence of weak aching pain better to consult a specialist and undergo the necessary examination. The solution to your problem you can help: the neurologist, psychiatrist, cardiologist, orthopedic surgeon, gastroenterologist, spine.

Experts distinguish between the pain under right and left shoulder blades. They should not be confused, as the causes are different.

Pain under the left shoulder blade may signal a stomach ulcer. Typically, it is characterized by periodicity and occurs after eating. In most cases, closely associated with vomiting. Increases in periods of exacerbation in spring and autumn. May gradually increase.

Oddly enough, the cause of pain under the left shoulder blade can serve as a psychological disorder. In humans, there is a feeling that the heart here-here will fall asleep, roll over and jump out of his chest. This pain appears in one, then in another place: first, feel it in the clavicle, then in the hand, neck, under the left shoulder blade and extends beneath the lower abdomen. Often the person experiences shortness of breath, and cramping as if beginning to constrict his throat.

Often the cause of pain under both shoulder blades low back pain is the lower spine. It usually occurs early in the morning or after a long period perform the same work. For example, you long floor paint or repair your car. Exposure to heat can temporarily improve your condition.

Sharp, piercing pain under the left shoulder blade can indicate a myocardial infarction. In this case, the patient should immediately ensure peace and to call an ambulance. As a vasodilator medication is usually useless here, not always such a pain to remove and drugs.

Pain under the shoulder blade may signal the intercostal neuralgia. Usually it is worse when sneezing, coughing, walking, running. The patient begins to feel a burning sensation, tingling. this disturbed sensitivity in the course of the nerve trunk.

The cause of pain under the right shoulder blade can be gallstone disease, inflammatory kidney disease, or muscle spasms of the gallbladder. It usually occurs and is very sharp.

To prevent recurrence of pain under the shoulder blade should strictly follow the recommendations of your doctor and to undergo periodic examination.