If you experience any pain under the shovel, contact your General practitioner. You will be assigned a General medical examination, on the basis of which the therapist will give direction to the doctor of narrow specialization for a more detailed examination. Only after accurate diagnosis you can put a definite diagnosis and to appoint adequate therapy.

Pain under the left scapula may be the first symptom of gastric ulcers. The patient feels a sharp, aching or tingling painthat increases on an empty stomach or after a meal. Additionally can be paroxysmal sensations of heat, tightness in the chest, heaviness in left abdomen.

Almost the same feeling are the first signs of myocardial infarction. The pain is aching or shooting in nature, radiates to left shoulder blade, arm, neck, chest.

Pain under both shoulder blades may occur after heavy physical exertion, heavy lifting. This may indicate neuralgia, which is further accompanied by pain in the lower back or neck. Uncomfortable sensations when walking, physical exertion, coughing, sharp turns of the torso.

Inflammatory diseases of the kidneys accompanied not only by pain in the lumbar region, pain can go to the entire iliac area, to give the right shoulder and move seamlessly to the area of podrebere.

Spasms in the gallbladder or ducts associated with the presence of stones can be accompanied by intolerable pain in the right upper quadrant and right shoulder blade.

As applies diagnostic ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, x-ray examination. Appoint the General analyses of urine, blood. If necessary, we provide additional methods of medical examination.