For what reasons can hurt the back

Most often such an unpleasant phenomenon as back pain occurs because of sprains of the muscles and ligaments of this body part. Modern lifestyle, especially for residents of large cities, causing the lack of exercise, small exercise. As a result of muscles and ligaments that protect the spine, just starting to weaken, and at high loading can occur when their tensile strength.

When muscular back pain helps hot shower or hot bath. Good therapeutic effect has also douche. If possible, please make a back massage, and after removing a pain syndrome it is necessary to strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the back. The simplest way to strengthen the muscles and ligaments – to do morning exercises with the tilting of the torso as well as flexion and extension of the spine lying on the back.

Pain in middle back can be due to scoliosis, resulting in unnatural bending of the spine. Also the middle of the back often suffers due to degenerative disc disease of the thoracic spine.

From other causes, it can be noted diseases of the gallbladder, heart, stomach. For example, gastric ulcer is often accompanied by radiating pain in the back, which can be localized in the left part of the back and in the middle.

If the pain in the back occurs simultaneously with the pain in the heart, thus often giving to the shoulder or arm, you must immediately call the ambulance, because these symptoms may indicate a myocardial infarction. Finally, pain in the middle of the back often occurs during pregnancy. However, in this case, it can "move" closer to the lumbar region.

What doctors need to apply for pain in middle back

If you are having pain in the middle of the back, it is necessary to be examined by a cardiologist, a gastroenterologist and surgeon. Most likely, you will be assigned additional tests: ECG, ultrasound, x-ray of the spine, gastroscopy. After final diagnosis, the doctor will choose the most suitable method of treatment. For diagnosis, in addition to examinations and surveys, it is necessary to consider a number of factors: the duration and the intensity of the pain, their localization, etc. to self-medicate is not recommended, as you can only aggravate the disease. It is best to use qualified help.