It is important to understand that early diagnosis is essential for effective treatment. After the necessary examinations the doctor prescribes appropriate medical therapy. A standard survey is a survey of patient examination, x-rays of the knee, ultrasonography, computed tomography.

Typically, patients are administered drugs that relieve inflammation and pain. Such medicines include: "Diclofenac", "We", "Voltaren", "Aceclofenac", "Indometacin", "Phenylbutazone". In addition, the treatment must necessarily be directed directly to the suspension of the process of tissue destruction and to restore it. So patients are shown receiving chondroprotectors, which are special medical drugs that can help cartilage cells – the chondrocytes in the synthesis of cartilage.

Penetrating into the body, the tools in this group provide a joint construction material directly to a cartilage tissue, which contributes to a significant improvement in the mobility of the cartilage of the knee joint and reduce painful symptoms. The most popular are considered chondroprotectors: chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine sulphate, hyaluronic acid. They are composed of the following medicines: "artro-Aktiv", "Artra", "Diacerein", "Dona".

In addition, there are effective gels that help to remove the swelling and to ease the knee pain when bending: "Bystrom gel", "Nise", "Fastum-gel". Be aware that in more severe cases, shows the operation for replacement of the affected joint.

What diseases can cause pain in the knee joint

To rather common diseases of the joints, characterized by sharp, shooting, and paroxysmal burning pain include gout and arthritis. There are also other diseases that are not related to injury or overload, which can contribute to pain syndromes in the knee joint: Osteoarthritis," "Baker's Cyst", "Dissecting Legg, Disease Osgood-Spatter". In addition, the appearance of pain in the knee joint may indicate the presence of infection of the skin, joint or bones.

Diet to reduce pain in the knee joint

Significantly reduce the discomfort in the knee joint helps balanced diet, which includes the introduction in the diet of the following foods:

- fish – has natural anti-inflammatory action;
- greens – helps to relieve pain and other unpleasant symptoms in the knee joint;
- juice – help to reduce swelling and reduce pain.