To quickly eliminate pain, to remove redness and swelling, doctors recommend their patients to use special ointments, gels and creams. This is the most secure form of the drug, which has minimal side effects. In addition, it is ointments and creams act locally, are quickly absorbed, penetrate into the area of inflammation.
The most popular are ointments containing in its composition diclofenac: "I", "Ortofen". These compounds have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, used for arthritis, rheumatism, sprains. Of course, for a long period of time, these ointments are not recommended, but as a subsidiary and emergency funds are perfect.
A great analgesic effect has a "Deep relief", it contains ibuprofen which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agent. Course application of the ointment will help the patient to remove the redness, significantly reduce inflammation in the joint and relieve pain.
For the treatment of diseases of the joints are often used ointments based on bee and snake venom, heparin. They are designed to eliminate pain, normalize blood flow in the region of the joint, removal of edema. The most effective you can consider: "I experienced an unexpected side effect", "Vyapin", "Heparin ointment". These compounds are actively used not only in diseases of the joints but also the muscle aches associated with overexertion, inflammation.
As when severe pain in the joint is restriction in movement, creams and gels are often designed for the relief of pain. Therefore, their active components are analgin, Ketonal, nimesulide and lidocaine. Apply these formulations need to the affected areas several times a day. Analgesic compounds recommended use this product only during severe exacerbations.
Composition for lubricating the joints of patients must appoint a specialist who will individually choose the dosage of the active substance, the duration of the course. It is in this case, it is possible to achieve the desired positive effect. It is best to ask the doctor to write several ointments with the same active substance, so that later you can navigate to the pharmacy for the price. And, of course, it is understood that gels and ointments are not able to completely cure the disease of the joints, because these drugs are used only as a whole composed of primary treatment.