Excessive amounts of uric acid accumulates and after some time begins the process of crystallization. The resulting crystals deposited in the joints and provoke its inflammation.

Severe pain, usually occur mainly at night. There is redness of the skin and the joint, the deposition of crystals of uric acid, is strongly swollen. Suffering from gout the person may experience fever and chills.

Often the most susceptible to this disease big toe, but other joints are also at risk. A clear sign of gout are dense nodules in the joints and tendons.

To relieve the acute pain used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These drugs have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic properties. Such tools include: "Naproxen", "Ketoprofen" and "Indomethacin". The dosage of these drugs must be discussed with a specialist.

It is possible to prepare analgesic poultice, using the tools of "Dimexide" (anti-inflammatory drug (topical application) and "Ketonal". To prepare the poultice, you must mix in equal parts warm water and the solution "Dimexide" (about 30 milliliters of each substance). The prepared mixture is added 1 milliliter "Ketonal". When the solution is ready, take the gauze, folded several times, and thoroughly moisten in the prepared solution, and then applied to inflamed areas of the body.

Throbbing pain can be reduced with cold compresses and rubbing the fruit with vinegar. Also highly recommended to put a hot water bottle filled with ice to the inflamed joint. Three times a day, you can take a warm bath with the addition of rosemary oil and decoction of nettle.

In the fight against the disease is very effective, activated charcoal which is crushed with a meat grinder or the grinder. A half Cup of carbon powder mixed with 1 tablespoon of flax seed and fill with water to obtain paste-like consistency.

The resulting tool is necessary to lubricate the inflamed joints, the top covered with foil, and cloth. Perform the procedure daily at night until complete disappearance of pain. As a further prevention of exacerbations need to drink twice a day activated charcoal 1 tablet.