Local treatment

Local action on the diseased joint produced with the aim of improving blood flow, pain relief and reduce inflammatory response. At the initial stage of arthritis is prescribed warming ointment or rubbing, thanks to the local action they penetrate into the deeper layers of skin, expand blood vessels and have anti-inflammatory action. For the treatment of osteoarthritis apply the gel "Dolobene", ointment "Diclofenac", etc.

Of physiotherapy administered magnetotherapy, electrophoresis with novocaine for analgesia or with calcium to penetrate deep into Ca ions, which participate in the regeneration of bone and cartilage. If signs of arthritis are not critical, recommended therapeutic foot massage, which increases blood flow, which in turn helps the healing process.

In acute gonarthritis, when there is significant swelling, deformity, redness of the joint prescribed injections with anti-inflammatory drugs inside the knee joint. Quickly to relieve inflammation and swelling allow shots "Kenalog", "Diprospan" in their composition are hormones, but use of glucocorticoids is not long, so the course is limited to 5 injections per year.

Outside the period of exacerbation, is strongly expressed in chronic arthritis is treated in other injections under local anesthesia in the joint capsule type "Synvisc", "Ostenil", "Permatron". All of these drugs contain in its composition hyaluronic acid, which is a component of the natural lubricant of the joint.

General medicine

With the development of arthritis of the knee necessary restorative therapy, which includes a course of multivitamins and minerals, special attention is paid to intake of calcium and phosphorus. These minerals are the building blocks of bone and cartilage, i.e., participate in the regeneration processes. Certain foods – cheese, jelly - helps to saturate the body with calcium.

During exacerbation of gonarthritis necessarily prescribe painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs of non-narcotic analgesics – "Analgin", "Ortofen", "Voltaren", which quickly relieve pain.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs is recommended to be taken in the acute phase of joint inflammation and in remission chronic arthritis, they help to relieve swelling, inflammation, reduce the symptoms of pain. Such drugs include: "Ketorol", "Ibuprofen", "Diclofenac", etc. it Must be remembered that prolonged courses of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs often lead to ulcer formations of the gastrointestinal tract, therefore, an important follow-up studies of the stomach (gastroscopy).

Arthritis treatment using chondroprotectors, which have a positive effect on cartilage and on the surface of the mating bones. These include injections of "don", "controlon", "Alflutop" - a course of these drugs lasts for about a month and repeated every 6 months.