No wonder when talking you should look people in the eye. It turns out those who do not want to give up the secrets in important negotiations, and sometimes even wear dark glasses. If the interlocutor's eyes widen, then, to talk to either the person speaking with him, he is clearly not indifferent. If the person in the course of the conversation something just makes, then he will look up to the left. And if he looks up, but right this minute he's trying to remember a certain image.
Another important factor is the body language of the interlocutor. For example, in the middle of important conversation a person directs his feet towards the door. This means that most of all he wants to quickly end the conversation and exit. But if your friend clearly crossed over his chest, it is quite possible that your ideas or position, he would not accept.
But the easiest way to "count" the thoughts of others, paying close attention to the voice of a man. However, to unfamiliar people, this method is not applied: the voice you should know perfectly. At the changing tone in the course of conversation, we can understand many of the nuances. But speaking with strangers it is best to watch how they react to other people.
If a person tries to lie, then this can tell you a lot of features. Eyes of the liar run, he tries to avoid meeting his eyes, hands nervously shaking a little. Besides, telling lies is the source of the arms and legs were held together, in such a way as if trying to take up less space. Perhaps he will try to shut you in any subject or will be constantly touching your ears and nose. And when you deliberately change the subject, you will immediately see the relief on the face of such a person. While emotions expressed on the face may not match what the liar says.