Place your order for the purchase of permits in "Artek" camp. "Artek" is open all year round, but summer trips are best purchased in advance, at least a month in advance. On arrival in camp you must have a ticket with proof of payment.
Download a blank medical card for the child and a questionnaire for parents on the website of "Artek". A questionnaire you can fill out on their own, but a medical card is filled in by the paediatrician in the clinic by place of residence. Keep in mind that if your child will not be properly executed medical records, it may not accepted into the camp.
Make a notarized copy of a birth certificate if the child is under 14 years of age. Children born before 2003, requires a nationality certificate. The child of 14 years is enough to have a civil or foreign passport. Will issue a notary power of attorney to removal of minors from the Russian Federation, if you send it with an accompanying.
Prepare the necessary things that a child will take with me. Keep in mind that in "Artek" has its own form, so there is no need to burden your child with lots of clothes. In the mandatory list of items includes three pairs of shoes, one of which is sporty, athletic and bathing suits, some towels, a few sets of underwear and toiletries. If the child is sent to "Artek" in the summer, do not be superfluous sunglasses, sunscreen and anti mosquito.
Don't forget about the phone and pocket money. Meals and excursions are included in the price. But the mementos, photos, or sweets purchased with their own funds vacationer. The money, which the child brought with him, placed to his personal account at the camp and issued on demand.