The original birth certificate. Without it is impossible to travel through the territory of the Russian Federation with a child under 14 years of age. If it is not possible to bring the original certificate, need to make a notarized copy. In trips abroad, where the main document is a passport, take a birth certificate is optional, but recommended, especially if the child's name does not match the name of the parents.
Or foreign passport. Children from the age of 14, you receive the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, with him they will travel to Russia. For travel abroad of children of any age can be a biometric passport, or the child must be inscribed in the passport of one of parents, and 7 years for a child it must be pasted photos. If the parents are not ordinary and biometric passports, the child to enter not, will have to issue him a separate passport.
In some CIS countries – Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, child under 14 years can go on the birth certificate, but it must be attached to the liner on citizenship of the child. Children older than 14 years can travel to these countries on a Russian passport.
If the child is under 18 years of cross border of the Russian Federation, accompanied by only one parent, the consent is not required, but only in the event that the other parent has never submitted a statement of disagreement to leave the child outside the Russian Federation. If at least one such statement came to border authorities, from the second parent required the consent of the child. This document is issued by a notary.
Trip abroad without their parents, or guardians, the child needs to have with itself in addition to other documents required to agree to the departure of the child from one parent if the second had not received statements for his disagreement. In the notarized document must be listed on the time travel and the countries that the child intends to visit. In addition, the person accompanying the child will need a notarized power of attorney.
Among the documents for a child over 14 years of age when purchasing tickets and boarding the train should be a certificate from the institution in which a child learns to confirm his rights for a discount when traveling on child ticket.