Individual entrepreneurs carry out their activities in a similar way with small organizations. That is why they need to periodically publish current orders. Executed such documents in a General manner, in the presence of standardized forms you can use the forms that are approved for legal entities. the Only difference in the process of registration of the order of the individual entrepreneur will be required to specify his name and status. If unified form for a specific order or instruction is missing, then the entrepreneur develops its own form, which should include all necessary information.

As specified in the order to SP

At the top of the order for a sole proprietor is indicated on its name, organizational-the legal form. When using the unified form on the left also placed its code. After that is written the order number (according to registration number in the order book), date of its compilation. Then on the page indicates the title of the document (e.g., letter of employment). After these details should be the content of the order, which outlines adopted by the entrepreneur decision. If there are several solutions, they are divided into corresponding items. After the presentation of the content of the order of the individual entrepreneur puts the date of its publication, its own signature with decryption.

What additional information can be specified in the order SP

Some orders and individual entrepreneur can contain additional information, the list of which depends on the content of a particular decision. For example, the order of recruitment usually refers to a document that became the basis for the publication of the relevant notice. As this document acts as a working agreement, and reference to it is affixed after the presentation of the content of the order. In addition, with the publication of the various orders of direct relevance to the staff of the individual entrepreneur, often requires the introduction of one or more employees with the text of this document. In this case, the signatures of workers about acquaintance with the contents of the order, which follows immediately after the signature of the entrepreneur, in the bottom of the document.