Advice 1: How to place an order for work on weekends

The legislation clearly stipulates the obligation of the employer in providing the employee's days of rest. These include the weekend (1 or 2, depending on the established duration of working week) plus public holidays. To attract employee to work in one of those days, only with written consent and according to the formalized order of the employer. This work is paid not less than double the amount.
How to place an order for work on weekends
In order to properly register an employee to work on a day off, you will need several documents. First and foremost, make a written order to the head of the organization about the call of the employee in his output. In order to specify the name of the employee called, date of call, its causes and method of payment (this can be remuneration at double the rate or payment in single size with the extra day off to another day).
Because the call to the employee a day off without his written consent is not possible, arrange such a separate document. It is drawn up in free form, the mandatory indication of the position of the employee, his full surname, name, patronymic, consent to commence duties in the day, the form of compensation for such work and the signature of the person and its interpretation. In some cases, consent may be affixed on the order sheet.
Remember that some categories of workers (e.g. the disabled, mothers with young children, etc.) can refuse to perform job duties to the output, so if you want to call such an employee, the agreement must contain a string "On the right to informed refusal".

On the basis of orders of the Director and the written consent of the involved employee complete your order. An order is a administrative normative document that is created on the basis of decisions to address major production problems, so for these documents the requirement for registration on an official letterhead is required (in the case of government agencies – on the form with a corner stamp).
Orders have a name, so write in the center of the sheet "Orders" 14-m size to discharge, and below the name (usually starts with "on the work in/on call..." etc.) 12-m size. Make a preamble, which should end with the word "Require" or "Order", which is also written in the centre of the row.

Advice 2: How to place an order on public holidays

In attracting employees to work in holidays should be guided by the articles of the Labour code of the Russian Federation. Need to apply for a job during the holidays accordingly not only the orderbut also other documents. Some categories of workers to attract to work on weekends and holidays cannot, under any circumstances.
How to place an order on public holidays
You will need
  • - written notice to employees about work during the holidays;
  • - written consent of the employee;
  • order.
All the nationwide holidays listed in article 112 of the Labor Code. Festive days are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 Jan, 23 Feb, 8 Mar, 1 may, 9 may, 12 Jun, 4 Nov. Article 113 of the labour code strictly prohibits to work these days. If due to certain circumstances, the company should work to attract employees to work need to arrange everything according to the requirements of the law.
In accordance with article 259 TC of the Russian Federation during the holidays can not be held under any circumstances: pregnant women, underage employees, if the work is not related to art, film, video, concert, circus performance, the creation of creative works. All paragraphs are outlined in the Government's Decree No. 252 and TC in article 268. In these cases, minors can be brought to work.
All other employees can bring to work only with their written consent, and special occasions without him. Special cases include: accidents, technological disasters, accident prevention, accidents, disasters, terrorist attacks, natural disasters or to prevent this, in cases where a large mass of people will be threatened due to stop work for the holidays. The work can be involved, if the declared threat of war, martial law and to prevent this.
To extra work for the reasons outlined above, it is possible to attract only with the written consent of: women with children under three years, single mothers and fathers with children up to 5 years, guardians, pupils, employees who care for sick and elderly relatives.
In accordance with article 113 h 6 TC to work on holidays employees whose work is performed according to the schedule in conditions of continuous production, and service of the population, urgent repair and loading and unloading services.
All employees, regardless of work schedule are payable at double time or an extra day off.
The employer must provide employees with written notice of the public holidays. The employee must file a written consent or written refusal of work.
Further, the employer issued the order. In order to specify, for what reason will be a holiday, articles TK which governs employer. In the text of the order should write down which days to consider weekends, to specify the first working day after the weekend. Next comes the name of the structural unit full name of all employees who are involved in the work, in turn all the days on which they will work. And policy for accounting for fees to double and HR Department about training to all employees against signature.
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