Advice 1: How to make a UI employee

In the time diagram of the operation of certain businesses when key employees registered as individual entrepreneurs, was very widespread. This was due to tax evasion, when it became more profitable to pay taxes for UI employee, than that employee, but designed in accordance with the labor laws. However, some businesses operate according to this scheme so far.
How to make a UI employee
There is some probability that due to growing up with the 2011 social security contributions, certain employers wish to return to a familiar pattern of work. If to put outside the brackets the nuances associated with specific activities and specific work for every business, this scheme will look like this:1. Savings calculation.2. The dismissal of employees and sole proprietorship employees.3. Continuing to work and paying taxes, "new."
Spending the savings calculation, consider all the benefits that you pay for employees over wages. These include contributions to the budget system: the personal income tax (if you hold it from the officers ' salaries and all social contributions in different funds, payment of holiday pay. On the other hand, calculate how much you will need to spend money to pay taxes for each SP employee. Don't forget to consider that in addition to the main tax which is likely to be selected as 6% of the income of the simplified tax system, the PI must annually pay contributions to the Pension Fund. This way you will be able to calculate what level of remuneration is more profitable to issue SP workers than to keep them employed.
After discussions with the worker, mi, fire them "at will". If they are intelligent people, will understand your arguments. Of course, to infringe upon their interests in this case is also not necessary. Many people are just afraid of change. You need to find a negotiating compromise that suits all parties. After dismissal they will need to issue the PI.
Next, conclude the contract on cooperation (or any other right within the meaning of the agreement) with each UI employee. And not to set up your employees, don't forget to compensate them for taxes when it comes time to pay. In principle, all of the above can be done for a single day without interrupting workflow.

Advice 2 : What documents are needed for admission to work

As wonderful and competent professional you may be, to the employer the official registration of you as the employee must submit certain documents, without which employment according to Russian legislation it is impossible
What documents are needed for admission to work
This is the primary document proving your identity, so take it with you just need. Check that the passport was valid, ie, you promptly replaced at the age of 20 and 45 years, and in the case of a change of name. In addition to your surname, name and patronymic of the passport, the employer learns about the place of your registration, marital status, presence of children.
Employment history

If you get a job for the first time or applying for the position of part-time employment history is not required. In other cases, it is necessary to be in employment.
The document on education

Generally, positions requiring high professional skills, employers prefer to hire the person with a higher education. If you graduated from several Universities, then you can take all your diplomas – perhaps this will impress the employer and he will offer you a better paying job.

In addition to diplomas of the University or College should take with you documents confirming your completion of various courses, trainings, seminars, etc. of course, if they are relevant to the position for which you are applying.
Pension certificate

This is a document issued by the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, which specified the number of your pension account. Currently, this is the second important document for the Russian citizen – to the pension account is a "binding" of many of your personal data. Without it you will not go transfer to the Pension Fund, making it difficult to design pensions.

The document received in the tax office, which shows your individual tax identification number. It will do the tax payments payable by the employer in accordance with the law.

The policy of obligatory medical insurance is also an important document when applying for a job. Before the medical insurance of the employees engaged by the employer, it has now become a personal matter of every citizen. Without this document, the employer can not pay you sick leave if necessary.
Medical certificate about state of health

Before employment you will be asked to take a medical examination. The list of experts that need to attend, depending on the position for which you are applying. As a rule, payment of the medical Commission makes the employer directly or reimbursed the employee for its passage after employment.

If you get a job in the food service, medical or educational, most likely, the employer will require a decorated accordingly medical book.
Other documents

Reservists must also provide an employer with a military ID.

If the position for which you are applying involves car trips, grant management rights to the relevant vehicle.

If you have positive recommendation or characteristics from the previous place of work – it can be an additional advantage.
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