There is some probability that due to growing up with the 2011 social security contributions, certain employers wish to return to a familiar pattern of work. If to put outside the brackets the nuances associated with specific activities and specific work for every business, this scheme will look like this:1. Savings calculation.2. The dismissal of employees and sole proprietorship employees.3. Continuing to work and paying taxes, "new."
Spending the savings calculation, consider all the benefits that you pay for employees over wages. These include contributions to the budget system: the personal income tax (if you hold it from the officers ' salaries and all social contributions in different funds, payment of holiday pay. On the other hand, calculate how much you will need to spend money to pay taxes for each SP employee. Don't forget to consider that in addition to the main tax which is likely to be selected as 6% of the income of the simplified tax system, the PI must annually pay contributions to the Pension Fund. This way you will be able to calculate what level of remuneration is more profitable to issue SP workers than to keep them employed.
After discussions with the worker, mi, fire them "at will". If they are intelligent people, will understand your arguments. Of course, to infringe upon their interests in this case is also not necessary. Many people are just afraid of change. You need to find a negotiating compromise that suits all parties. After dismissal they will need to issue the PI.
Next, conclude the contract on cooperation (or any other right within the meaning of the agreement) with each UI employee. And not to set up your employees, don't forget to compensate them for taxes when it comes time to pay. In principle, all of the above can be done for a single day without interrupting workflow.