Calm down. This is perhaps the most important thing you need to do a nursing mother. On milk production is affected by the hormone prolactin, which is very sensitive to stress and emotions. Any negative emotion can lead to a decrease in the amount of milk and even its complete loss.
Start breastfeeding as early as possible. It is best to put the baby to breast immediately after birth. At this moment the mother's body is very sensitive, so doctors recommend that immediately after birth to provide continuous contact for mother and baby "skin to skin" for at least 2 hours, which will give the appropriate signals for milk production. Usually during this time the newborn starts to seek the breast. If not, you can carefully guide him. If your hospital early attachment is not practiced, although it is stipulated by the order of Ministry of health, do not worry, you still have chance to establish breastfeeding.
Remember that the first 2-5 days after birth the mother produces colostrum. At first glance it may seem that it is small, and inexperienced, for fear that the child is malnourished, begin to give the baby infant formula. To do this, you should not. Colostrum is very nutritious, so it is enough for a newborn. It is at this stage lays an essential Foundation for the subsequent lactation. The frequency and duration of breast feedings depends on the amount of milk produced after that.
Correctly attach the baby to the breast. If you feel discomfort, pain when feeding, you are definitely doing something wrong. The child should be fully grasp the nipple and areola. At this stage, stock up on special creams for the treatment of cracks on the nipples. They will reduce pain and allow faster healing of wounds. Don't worry, most mothers go through this. Ask your hospital consultant to help with attachment or call on the house of a specialist on breastfeeding.
Remove the bottle. If the sucking is hurting you because of cracks on the nipples, but you want to keep breast feeding, then saivites and let the baby milk from a spoon or measuring Cup for babies until things heal. Through the nipples on the bottles of milk, or a mixture of flowing much easier, i.e. the child does not need to make any effort to eat. As a result, he can then simply refuse to take the breast.
Not decemlineata mixture. The main incentive of production of milk – sucking. The more and more the baby sucks, the more milk will appear. Tokarnia baby milk, you are breaking this rule, because the baby will have less demand on the breast. To solve the problem, just give yourself the option to feed as often as possible. Put the baby on demand, set up a joint dream.
The peak of the hormone prolactin have on the night, so establishing breastfeeding very important night feedings. If the newborn at this time is asleep, Wake up and saivaites. To facilitate the process of pumping, before or during this drink a glass of warm drink (water, tea, milk). It also really helps warm shower and rubbing his chest with a washcloth.
Follow the rule: "One feeding with one breast." It is best to break up the day into intervals of 3 hours, defining the sequence of the change of the breast. For example, if you feed at 9 am, left breast, then in all subsequent feeding up to 12 hours of the day, let us it is and only apply after 12 the child is already to the right.
Do not try to increase the quantity of milk without serious reason. If you will produce more milk than able to drink a child, it can lead to lactose. To determine whether a newborn eats, count "popisy". In the first months of the baby should be 12 and more urination.