When a mother with a newborn baby reunited after childbirth, it is important to give them the opportunity to be together, to know each other. At this time in a woman's body released endorphins – the happy hormones that contribute to the development of maternal instinct and colostrum. Lactobacillae bacteria, antibodies, vitamins and minerals contained in it, getting into the child's body, creates an immune barrier, protecting baby from the cold, staph and other attacks. Therefore, make sure that your baby definitely put to the breast immediately after birth.
To establish breast - feeding, offer your baby the breast as soon as he begins to worry, to groan, to show signs of discomfort. The first time you will be difficult to know if baby is hungry, or he can't sleep, you hurt. Breastfeeding will help to solve any of these problems. It will take a little time and you will learn how to identify the real needs of their crumbs.
Breast milk is quickly and easily digested, so feed the baby more frequently than with artificial feeding. Sometimes you have to do it 6-8 times a day, sometimes 10-12 times. But don't wait until the baby starts to cry. This is the last desperate method of crumbs. Show your hunger it could in many other ways: to smack one's lips, make sucking movements with the tongue and lips, bring the handle to your mouth, etc.
Let baby eat your fill, not paying attention to the clock during the feeding. Baby may eat constantly or sporadically, resting in between. If the baby spontaneously cast suck, try sdelayte break. And then offer him the same breast in order to give the opportunity to get more fat "hind" milk. If the child refuses, then he is already full.
The next feeding offer baby the other breast – the one that "rested" with the previous one. Try to eat a full Breakfast, lunch, dinner and small snacks in between. Do not forget to drink when feel thirsty, take a rest together with the baby when he sleeps. Naturally stimulates lactation hot drink (plain water, tea), as well as close emotional contact with the baby. After feeding do not need to be decanted, because the milk produced during suckling of the baby (on request). And comes it as much as baby eats. Most children need to eat at night. By the way, it is a night of breastfeeding help to increase the amount of milk. To make it easier, put a bed of crumbs around or sleeping together.