You will need
  • - a breast pump.
Make sure first that you do not have enough breast milk. It is enough to count how many times a day writes newborn. Swipe the so-called test for "wet diaper", consisting in the abolition of diapers a day. Per day child until 6 months says at least 10-12 times. Only if he does it less frequently, you can think about the lack of milk. Note that the expression in normal breast feeding can lead to hyperlactation, which is fraught with lactose.
Remember the cardinal rule of breastfeeding: demand creates supply. The more the child will suck milk, the more it will come next time. Sometimes a newborn it's hard to suck on an empty breast, so he can cry to throw the chest that does not trigger a natural mechanism for increasing lactation. In this situation, you should help your body by straining.
Express the Breasts from which you just sucked on a baby, after each feeding until the complete emptying. Don't worry if at first you do not succeed. Need to learn how to simulate sucking of a child, as the milk flows not from simple pressure. Breasts in fact, she will give you milk, if you do it right. The process of sucking includes the addition of sucking and even a stimulation of the nipples. This leads to the release of the hormone oxytocin, which triggers the extension of ducts and reduction of the alveoli, after which the milk easily begins to flow from the nipple.
Make before pumping light breast massage. This is best done in the heat, for example, putting a warm wet towel or taking a bath or shower. Massage consists of light strokes from the base of the breast to the nipple. In parallel, you can gradually drink warm tea, milk, water, etc.
Stimulate milk production. Hug your child, smell his hair, touch him, petrites cheek against his things. Actions caused by these feelings can accelerate the production of oxytocin, followed by a rush of milk. Also stimulates lactation tickling the nipples.
When you feel a tingling in your chest, spoke of the rush of milk, you can start pumping. To do this, hold the breast so that the nipple was caught between the index and middle finger. Press your fingers in the direction of the chest, as you grab the arm and then point them in the direction of the aura, pushing out the milk. Do rhythmically for a minute or two. This will start the process of milk secretion. No need to fidget for the skin and do not press on the nipple. It came to nothing lead.
Use breast pump for expressing. It's even easier than doing by hand. But note that such pumping can be frustrating if you have sensitive Breasts.
Please note that while a baby sucks on one breast, the other may leak milk. Can use to increase lactation. Current Express milk, but not zealous, drain only during high tides and not completely. Remember that the next time you need to feed baby from this breast.
Stop it, how will you know what breast milk you have produced already. Excessive pumping has many disadvantages, in particular can cause lactose. If your actions led to hyperlactation, you will need to pump the chest only to facilitate, to avoid clogging of ducts. After the establishment of Mature lactation stop stimulating it. To maintain it simply sucking child.