The secrets of breastfeeding is very simple, but it works:

  • Feed the baby only at his request! After about 2-3 months baby will be reconstructed on its stable mode.
  • Do not try to eat "for two", and be sure to drink "for two": at least 2 liters a day with warm liquids (fruit drinks, teas, juices, dogrose, just water). Often helps green tea (better yet tea with milk). But with green tea you need to be careful for people suffering from low blood pressure.
  • Be sure to drink a glass of water 10 minutes before feeding and immediately after.
  • Co-sleeping and feeding in the night doing their thing - in the morning rush of milk is guaranteed.
  • In the shower, can let the jet of hot water.
  • When a child is scared, upset, has a cold to feed him as often as possible, milk is coming even faster.
  • Feed the need to try every time with the other breast (to flow equally in both). Even if sometimes it seems that one breast is almost no milk to continue to feed her at a time, and everything is back to normal.
  • Helps to establish breastfeeding breast massage - really need to RUB the entire chest (from under the collarbone and around the chest) - so opens all the mammary glands which can be clogged. Better if this massage you will make your husband, mother (grind, preferably also before each feeding).
  • To 3 months do not give the baby water or other liquid (except for dill water, if plagued by gases), and often applied to the chest.
  • Not to worry and not to overwork! Just can not be undone and the world won't fix it, and your main task - to raise a fortress for the good of the Motherland.

Milk doesn't always come immediately - so just prepare yourself for a few difficult days. But the result is worth it! Babies breast-fed are stronger, healthier, their relationship with the mother is stable. Especially breastfeeding need babies whose parents are Allergy sufferers, because the more the mother feeds this baby breast, the longer the baby receives antibodies, and may even prevent allergic reactions.

Well, mom breastfeeding helps to recover form - the extra calories will take the baby. Yes, and during lactation you will not have any chemicals that will also benefit your body and health. In addition, during feeding you will feel really happy, because cunning the happiness hormone, too hard is produced during lactation.