Products that stimulate lactation

Scientists have managed to prove that mother's milk is produced from blood components. However, the quality of food the young mother still has some influence on lactation. There are products which stimulate the production of milk. They definitely need to use women who are experiencing this specific problem.

The most famous product that allows you to establish lactation — walnut. Experts believe that it not only stimulates milk production, but also increases its fat content. For this reason, there are this product in large quantities. Is enough to eat only peeled a few nuts a day. In addition they can also be added to food crushed peanuts.

To increase milk production for young mothers need to eat fish, lean meats, cheese, milk. It is important that the diet present protein products.

To establish lactation helped by the presence in the diet of such spices as cumin, dill seeds, fennel. Also helps beet juice with honey, grated carrots with honey and milk.

Drinks that increase the production of breast milk

In order for the milk start to arrive, you can start to drink a special lactogogue drinks. You can buy ready teas, you can prepare herbal yourself. For this you need to buy in a pharmacy certain herbs and brew them a few times a day.

To cope with the shortage of breast milk helps decoction of fennel seeds, cumin. Very good stimulates lactation tea with milk, which can be simply added to the finished drink. Even better is to boil tea leaves in milk, strain it and drink several times a day.

All drinks should be warm, but not hot. It helps to further stimulate lactation. It is important to remember that the problem of shortage of milk should be approached comprehensively. It cannot be solved only by adjusting the daily diet and drinking teas. The best way to stimulate the production of breast milk is frequent breastfeeding. No less important is the role of night feeding and co-sleeping.

If the problem of milk shortage in some way associated with stress, can add to lactogen infusions motherwort, Valerian or other herbs, has a light calming effect. Peppermint for these purposes is not suitable, because it reduces the amount of milk produced.