The reasons for the absence of breast milk

Breast milk may not appear in women after childbirth. This happens for many reasons, among which:

- constant stress;
- genetic predisposition;
- Smoking;
- rare latch the baby to breast.

How to make breast milk came after childbirth

It is important to drink fluids. In pharmacies sell special teas for lactation. Drink warm tea with cow's milk. Drink 1 - 1, 5 liters per day. Eat as many nuts.

Stop worrying and being nervous for any reason. Even if you have problems in life, forget about them, at least temporarily. Now the main thing for you, your child and his food. With breast milk it will get all the necessary vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that will boost his immune system. No infant formula can't be an ideal replacement, so do everything in your power to stop being nervous.

If you do not have milk within three days after delivery, do not worry. First, a mother produces colostrum, and fed the child. If at the expiration of this period, the milk will not appear, as you put baby to the breast. The more often and more intensively the baby will be to nurse, the more milk will come. The fact that the empty breast signals that need to arrive the new portion. If the milk will not otkazyvatsya to end, its production gradually decreases. In this case, it will help pumping. You can do this manually or use special devices.

Ditch unhealthy habits. This can be the reason for the lack of breast milk. You more: addiction or child? If you smoke, it not only affects the breast milk, but also negatively affects the health of the baby. Refrain from any alcoholic beverages, take good care of my baby.

How much should breast-feed the baby?

Breastfeeding should continue for at least a year. It was at this time the baby needed all the substances contained in the milk to grow healthy and strong. Only this natural product can raise the immunity of the crumbs to protect it from various intestinal infections. That's why you should do everything possible to breast milk kept arriving for at least a year. The only way your child will be provided with strong immune system for a long time. Improve lactation continuously, because it affects the health of your toddler.