Abkhazia. Beaches in Sukhumi

The region is very welcoming, though there are not many sandy beaches. Most often you can find the beach is gravel or mixed gravel and sand. Go to the town of Sukhumi, if you are specifically interested in the sandy beach. Beach Sinop will delight you with its appearance.

It is suitable for families with children, as it has a smooth descent to the water. The beach is about 200 m, the free space in this area is easy to find. The entrance is free. It will have different facilities: toilet, shower, diving Board, cafe and an excellent volleyball field. Distribute rent sunbeds.

Abkhazia. Beaches near Pitsunda

Pitsunda is a small resort town, though there are sandy beaches and small, but cozy. In the area of the former fishing plant tourists relax on the sandy beach.

You can reach the picturesque Turkish bays, there is also a beautiful beach with clean sand, which is located on the territory of boarding house "Musser".

In the village of Matter is also a sandy beach. Surrounded by pine trees. From the city it is located 3 kilometers away. For lovers of quiet places it will fit most. On the beach there is a cafe, parasols and sunbeds available to hire. You can also ride on a boat.

In the village Agarak (5 km from Pitsunda) also have sand. The village is surrounded by mountain gorge, it is often called Monk valley. There is always a cool. Stuffy is almost never!