Advice 1: What should be in the medicine Cabinet in the school in classrooms

Cuts, abrasions, and even fainting – all these children and adolescents are not totally immune. Therefore, the classroom must be a first aid kit which includes medicines, allowing you to provide first aid to the student. Despite the fact that the presence of such a device in classes prescribed in the law, not all teachers and school leaders know what they should be. In addition, the duty to equip school first aid kit often falls on the shoulders of parents. And the question about the list of drugs becomes particularly acute.
What should be in the medicine Cabinet in the school in classrooms
The Ministry of health of the Russian Federation has repeatedly stated and changed the compositions of the kits that should be in classrooms. List of medications are thoroughly tested and approved at different levels. All medicines are clearly defined, and guidance on completion should be adhered to.
To assemble the kit on a whim is impossible. After all, many drugs were removed from the list, because not withstand the storage conditions. So, for example, cannot be assembled in the school first aid kit medications that are supposed to be kept cold.

That should be part of school first aid kits

In the school first aid kit should log-dressings – bandages (both sterile and not), plasters, cotton wool (as an option, you can replace it on the cosmetic cotton balls). They are required to in case of cuts, injuries, etc. could bandage the scratches, wounds, treat bruises.
Also in your first aid kit needs to enter a tourniquet. After all, so there are cases when people are dying, just bleeding. Harness will help to avoid such difficulties.

You should also include in the kits anesthetics: hydrogen peroxide, Miramistin, etc. They will help to treat the wound and clean it from bacteria, to avoid further infection and development of inflammation. It is recommended to Supplement first aid kits (especially in sports schools) analgesic ointments. Of course, in them the user must specify the age at which this drug can be used. If there are restrictions, they should be taken into account.

Additionally, it is suggested to include in the school first aid kit tools against Allergy and to prevent poisoning - activated charcoal, "Enterosgel", "Lactofiltrum", Suprastin and other new generation medications.
To renounce the inclusion of antihistamines is not necessary, because sometimes the allergic reaction developed instantly. And even lead to death if not promptly assistance.

It is necessary to include and supplies: thermometer, disposable gloves, masks, a device for artificial respiration, etc. They will help to avoid many problems in case there is an accident.

How to keep school first aid kit

School first aid kit must be hidden and can not stand for all to see. Because the availability of drugs easily lead to mass poisoning among students.

Preferably, the Cabinet housed in a dry, cool and dark place – this will help to keep medicines in the framework of the requirements indicated in the instructions. Of course, should be responsible for it. This is usually the one who appointed the responsible person for the office.

It is worth remembering that first aid is not a panacea. If something happened, you have to call a staff paramedic or the ambulance. First aid kit use only in extreme cases where emergency first-aid man may not survive.

Advice 2: What should be in the first aid kit?

By law, every Russian organizations must be available universal kit. Also it should be present in a private vehicle, public transport or in a cupboard in the kitchen. It is very important that this "suitcase" may have a place in every home. This is to ensure that in the event of an emergency all necessary first-aid was at hand.
What should be in the first aid kit?

Basic rules

A box of medicines should be in an accessible location, but only for adults, from children it is best to keep away. First aid kit should have their own and a permanent place in the house. All contents of the pharmacy boxes should be placed in a strict order. It is possible to purchase pharmacy set, this product can be found in drugstores, along with a storage box. This issue should be approached very meticulously.

You must carefully monitor expiration dates of medications that fill the Cabinet, or the desire to help can turn into a terrible tragedy for the family.

Mandatory minimum

Naturally, in a personal first aid kit will contain the medication needed by the person and members of his family. The trouble always comes unexpectedly, and the duty of every master of a family or an organization to best protect their loved ones and colleagues.

A list of the necessary content:

- bandage with sterile gauze (for bandaging the bleeding, will help to protect open wounds from contamination and hits the dirt) – 3-4 packs;
- elastic bandages are useful in obtaining serious injuries (fracture, dislocation or sprain);
- wool or cotton swabs – used for the treatment of wounds;
- napkins of gauze, like bandages, are used for bandaging;
- scissors;
- tweezers will be needed for removing ticks or splinters from the surface of the body;
- gloves will protect against infection;
- patch – for fixing dressings;
- a tourniquet is to stop bleeding;
hydrogen peroxide or iodine for disinfecting wounds;
- potassium permanganate for gastric lavage and treatment of burns;
- ointment for burns;
- ammonia;
- oral rehydration solution – the loss of the liquid;
package hypothermic – cold for bruises;
- activated carbon – with indigestion;
- antiseptic solution for eyes – used eye injuries;
- antipyretic drugs (aspirin, Panadol or Nurofen) – consult a doctor;
- means of allergies (suprastin, loratadine or hydrocortisone ointment);
- nitroglycerine – is useful in attacks of heart failure;
- strong anti-inflammatory preparations based on hormones (prednisone) will help with insect bites.

The time spent on consultation with his doctor and a trip to the pharmacy may save life loved ones or help you save a stable state before the arrival of the ambulance.
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