The responsibility for the life and health of students during their stay in school, regardless of the lesson or a change that brings an educational institution in the person of school. According to the law "On education" (article 32), all of the claims of the parents on the child's injury received in the recess, should be directed precisely to the head.

Organization the safety of students at school

The school administration is obliged to create conditions for learning that will ensure the safety of students staying in school. Although the lessons of physical education and technology are considered the most traumatic, most troubles happen between lessons, when students are left to themselves.

Primary school teachers more alert to change and try to leave their wards unnecessarily. In exemplary schools invite participation of counselors in the provision of organized recreation for kids. However, the juvenile counselor shall have no liability if the injury happens during the games, so the presence of the teacher in this case.

In middle and high schools in terms of the Cabinet system, students are encouraged during recess to go from office to office. Each teacher remains in this case in its class and is preparing a study for the next lesson. Of course, he is unable to keep order in the hall, unless his attention is not attracted by a noise at the door. At this time the order meets the teacher on duty. Typically, in large multi-storey schools, teachers are assumed to be on duty on each floor. After all, one accompanying attendant class, you will not be able to keep track of everything happening in the school.

Who is to blame?

In the case of injury to a child at recess, parents can contact the school principal with a statement. However, before that you need to fix the fact of accident in a medical facility. This is especially important if the injury is serious and will require recovery from the perpetrator of financial resources for treatment. Sometimes parents do not expect to go to court to get financial compensation. They are more concerned with the circumstances of the incident, to understand which it will be possible to avoid re-traumatizing the other children.

If an injury sustained during a fight between students, the instigator is still not suffer any serious penalties in addition to the educational influence from adults. The blame will be the teacher on duty that is not promptly stopped the fight. For each separate accident, in response to the request of parents, the school administration is obliged to investigate. If the result reveals wines of the duty of a teacher who is simply absent on the site or have not responded adequately to student behavior, it will be subject to disciplinary action. However, to answer for all that happened before the parents still have the head of school.