Basic rules

A box of medicines should be in an accessible location, but only for adults, from children it is best to keep away. First aid kit should have their own and a permanent place in the house. All contents of the pharmacy boxes should be placed in a strict order. It is possible to purchase pharmacy set, this product can be found in drugstores, along with a storage box. This issue should be approached very meticulously.

You must carefully monitor expiration dates of medications that fill the Cabinet, or the desire to help can turn into a terrible tragedy for the family.

Mandatory minimum

Naturally, in a personal first aid kit will contain the medication needed by the person and members of his family. The trouble always comes unexpectedly, and the duty of every master of a family or an organization to best protect their loved ones and colleagues.

A list of the necessary content:

- bandage with sterile gauze (for bandaging the bleeding, will help to protect open wounds from contamination and hits the dirt) – 3-4 packs;
- elastic bandages are useful in obtaining serious injuries (fracture, dislocation or sprain);
- wool or cotton swabs – used for the treatment of wounds;
- napkins of gauze, like bandages, are used for bandaging;
- scissors;
- tweezers will be needed for removing ticks or splinters from the surface of the body;
- gloves will protect against infection;
- patch – for fixing dressings;
- a tourniquet is to stop bleeding;
hydrogen peroxide or iodine for disinfecting wounds;
- potassium permanganate for gastric lavage and treatment of burns;
- ointment for burns;
- ammonia;
- oral rehydration solution – the loss of the liquid;
package hypothermic – cold for bruises;
- activated carbon – with indigestion;
- antiseptic solution for eyes – used eye injuries;
- antipyretic drugs (aspirin, Panadol or Nurofen) – consult a doctor;
- means of allergies (suprastin, loratadine or hydrocortisone ointment);
- nitroglycerine – is useful in attacks of heart failure;
- strong anti-inflammatory preparations based on hormones (prednisone) will help with insect bites.

The time spent on consultation with his doctor and a trip to the pharmacy may save life loved ones or help you save a stable state before the arrival of the ambulance.