At home parents are sure that a first aid kit filled with tools for every situation. Enrolling a child in kindergarten, moms and dads begin to wonder whether stocked first aid kit with all the necessary institutions whether its content standards.
Interestingly, the normative documents concerning the composition of first aid kits for gardens at all, the term Cabinet is used only in the SDA. But there are letters of recommendation of the CPS to which parents can refer.

Septic tanks

The kits for kindergarten consists of several sections. The first section includes tools for handling wounds and injuries and, of course, masking all elements:
- bandages,
- band AIDS
- cotton bandages,
- harnesses.

All these means are compulsory, because, as you know, childhood injuries - the thing is common: a lively child in the game not notice the obstacles, fall and get bruised. Obligatory in children's first aid kit such as: iodine, peroxide and greenery. They at all times help to cope with the wounds, the drugs have a disinfecting effect.


The second section of the kit will be the tools that help to deal with a sudden infections child: fever, antiviral and analgesic. Data means selects a medical worker of the kindergarten, taking into account reflected in the map recommendations of the child and its features. It is therefore important for parents to carefully fill the medical card of the child for kindergarten, indicate allergic reactions, susceptibility to disease, to list all those that have already been migrated in infancy.

Enterovirus drugs and absorbents

The last section of the kit needs to include tools from indigestion and poisoning. Often kids suffer from constipation, or, conversely, liquid stools, therefore helping the stomach of funds will be by the way. Necessarily the presence of activated charcoal - in case of poisoning it is possible to give both children and adults, it helps excrete the substance that caused the intoxication.

It is mandatory in the medicine Cabinet of the children's institutions thermometer, needle, tweezers and tools from burns.
Optional tools in the kits are Allergy pills, since these drugs are prescribed individually for every child. If a child suffers from allergic reactions, parents are obliged to give it to the teacher all the necessary tools.