The first thing you should pay attention to is the quality of the notebook. In stores today huge selection. Their appearance – not the last thing to consider. Bright covers, of course, like children. But it is not necessary to be guided only by the external attractiveness of the design. It can distract the child from studying. The skills of perseverance and concentration of attention in first class, and without enough unstable. Preference should be given to simple notebooks with plain covers. It is better that they were even and tight. So a neat appearance will remain longer.
Notebooks for the first class are usually of three types: small and large cell, and in the forward line. The transition in 1 class work in a notebook with a wide range is determined by the teacher individually. It depends on how well formed the boys the skills of writing and artwork. There is one more option - a notebook in a thick oblique line.
Spelling is one of the basic skills taught to children during this period. It is very important to a notebook first-grader was made of quality paper. This means that the leaves must be smooth, matte, with clear markings of light blue or grey on a white background. This paper easier to write: the ink does not flow out, the written word is not translucent on the back side. More suitable for this notebook with thick leaves. Usually students are encouraged to use the standard notebook, which consist of 12-18 leaves. Cover must have six lines for signatures.
The number of books pre-specified. Final tests on the Russian language and mathematics are performed in specially designed notebooks. However, not all schools provided such work in the first year of study. Typically, first graders are taught spelling using the ABC's. They can be different depending on the author. Their choice depends on the requirements of the school curriculum. During the initial literacy work is done in the "workbooks". At the discretion of the teacher some activities that can be performed in conventional notebooks. Therefore, it is unlikely you will need more than 5 pieces of each type.
Usually the question about the number of books is decided at the parent meeting. Sometimes the teachers themselves and buying them centrally to the whole class. To some this approach may seem easier and more convenient. Observed uniformity of the notebooks of the students of a class. Notebook first grade signed by the teacher. To notebook longer retain a neat appearance, you need to take care of the covers. The most convenient option, if it is transparent and dense. Better if all notebooks will be stored in a special folder.