What is AI-1

First of all, we should say that there are some standard first aid kits that are used at the moment. This compounds AI-1, AI-2, AI-3, sun AI-4. You can also select one of the subtypes of the AI-1M.

Directly first-aid kit first composition (AI-1) is designed to eliminate serious injuries and losses by radiation, chemical and bacterial injuries. As a rule, this first aid kit has a compact size and easily fits in your pocket.

The composition of the individual first aid kits AI-1

This first aid kit is divided into seven sections. Each section is one drug. For convenience they are usually distinguished by colour.

Thus, in section No. 1 is a syringe-tube with strong analgesic agent. At the moment, using "Promedol". This drug is a narcotic, therefore, as a rule, the Cabinet is not placed and issued on-demand. It is used in severe pain that may be caused by extensive burns or bone fractures.

Section No. 2 contains "Taren". This tool belongs to the class of prevention for poisoning fosfororganichyeskii substances such as sarin and soman. It comes in pill form and begins to act in 20 minutes after ingestion. Instead of "TARENA" can be used "Athens" or "Budacsik". This tool has a red cap.

In section No. 3 is "Sulfadimetoksin", which is an antibacterial agent and is used for prevention of infectious diseases after exposure to radiation. The tool has a colourless cap.

Section 4 contains pills "Cysteamine", which are radioprotective agent and is used for the lesions to ionizing radiation. Comes with two canister with a red cap.

As antibacterial agent used tablets of Chlortetracycline with nystatin". They are particularly effective in such infectious diseases as plague, cholera and anthrax. Currently, widely used drug "Vibramycin". The funds are presented in section 5 and have a colorless package.

Section No. 6 contains radioprotective means "potassium Iodide". It is designed to block radioactive iodine, which can enter the body by the radiation fallout.

As a rule, in the last section is "Etaperazin, which has antiemetic effect and is used after exposure. Sometimes used instead of "Dementors". Both substances are found in blue canisters.