You will need
  • Documents for admission to school, time for school attendance, personal car
Consider all the options free.
The most common way to obtain a driver's license for free is to study in school majoring in auto mechanic. The study period of one year (if you have higher education) to two or three years (it depends on the particular institution). The visit of General subjects is not mandatory for graduates.
If you lost your job, contact to the exchange. In many cities, the employment service offers a free pass driving courses in order to empower unemployed people to find a place. In addition, recruits also often offer to get the right to serve in the army "driving".
Gather the necessary documents for admission to school.
Usually admission to the College involves the submission of an application and package of documents:

1. The application addressed to the Director;

2. Passport;

3. The document on education;

4. Medical certificate form 86(y);

5. A certificate of residence;

6. Photos of 3 x 4 - 6 pieces.
Training usually free.
Attend all theoretical and practical classes.
The school offer not only practical but also theoretical knowledge that can be useful to any motorist. Even if you don't want to change their profession and work in the service station, in the future, the skills of repairing cars you may find helpful: you can save the masters, is not lost in transit if a car suddenly stops and can correctly assess the state of the machine at purchase.
Do not skip class driving (practice). If your lecturer refers to dishonest activities, you will have to hire a private teacher to pass the exam the first time.
Ask for help from his fellow drivers.
It is best to bring to prepare all their friends who know how to drive and ready you to work out in the countryside. Ask friends to practice with you the theory test. So you will feel more confident in "the day".