Master classes. Be sure to spend in their shop a variety of free workshops for buyers with the masters of decorative-applied art. Revealing the secrets of the craft, you will not only attract new buyers, but will make the store profitable. The rule is to hold them regularly on Saturdays or Sundays. This creative approach will make your store profitable and interesting to buyers.
Qualified information about the product. Do not spare funds for training. Professional information is not only not allowed to leave the purchaser with empty hands, but encourage him to make new purchases. Better yet, hire people who understand creativity.
The presence of examples. The store must present examples of work in different techniques and using special effects. For example: how to use the Builder gel or structure paste. Not all buyers are informed about the possibilities of crafts. But, see, how beautiful, must be a way for all buyers. To make a shop profitable you need to use all the creative possibilities.
System of incentives to buyers. Introduce gradually for regular customers the system of discounts. Regularly conduct a variety of events. It is very popular with the buyers. And to make your shop profitable will help conduct various contests for buyers with small prizes for the winners.
Create for them in the store the atmosphere of creativity and goodwill.