Decoupage (literally translated from French - cut) – decoration of different surfaces with carved images. It may be small fragments and complete paintings that adorn the furniture, dishes, Christmas decorations, other items. Despite the fact that this technique several centuries, in Russia it is gaining popularity only from the beginning of the XXI century. At the heart of modern decoupage is the decoration of the surface of the images, carved from a special paper decoupage napkins and cards. To complement the decor can be an unusual texture, gilding, craquelure, combine paper with hand-drawn motifs.
Scrapbooking ("book of scraps", "the book of clippings") – initially the production of their own hands albums for photos. In a broad sense modern scrapbooking as a form of decorative art is a production of greeting cards, notebooks, photo albums, decorated with three-dimensional and flat images, textile, metal items, lace, artificial flowers, which are arranged in a finished composition, photo collage at a certain or free themes. Albums, greeting cards and notebooks can be not only a traditional book, but fold like an "accordion", a house or box.
Point-to-Point is the so – called dot painting technique in which the surface is decorated with dots, applied with a circuit. The peculiarity of this technique is laborious small work to make a delicate pattern with beautiful color transitions, the points should be small, not to spread and be applied very close to each other. In addition, it is a rather expensive method of decoration – high-quality contours are not cheap, and the quality of the gradient requires several shades of one color. "Natucket" can be not only self-image, this method will complement the work in decoupage technique.
Quilling – manufacture of decorative compositions using twisted in a spiral strips of colored paper, a technique also hails from the middle Ages. Initially practiced by monks, now this way quilters make greeting cards, decorative panels, jewelry. The basis technique is the simplest method – a long strip of special paper twisted into a spiral with a thin rod (in the simplest case, this can be a rod like a pen). Then the workpiece is attached to the oblong, bent on the one hand, or any other form, the result is different petals, the rays of snowflakes and so on. You usually need to make quite a lot of elements that are then assembled into a single composition.