Store jewelry

Before to start selling jewelry, you should carefully consider the location of the store. It may be a small trade showcase 20 m2 in area or at least in a public place, which means a large number of passers-by of the fair sex, because they, as a rule, tend to be attractive.

To profitable to trade jewelry, the hostess should, in the first place, to be in love with their job. Of considerable importance haberdashery. has an external window dressing. Trading platform must be equipped bright, but with taste. You can use the services of a designer.

The window must be regularly replenished with new assortment, so that buyers had plenty of choice. Not to be mistaken upon purchase of goods, it is necessary to rely not only on your taste, but also on the supplier's quotation. Decorations preferably be selected in such a way that they were designed for women of different age.
The harvest season for jewelry – it's the new year and spring holidays, a time of gifts and the desire of women to add to their collection of accessories.

The markup on jewelry is usually make from 200% to 500%. Better if the price will be calculated on buyers of different social strata. When choosing the assortment of jewelry is to focus also on fashion trends. There is also a classic decoration that are long out of style and are basic.

Further to profitably sell a product, it is necessary to take care of practical service. Girls love to shop, if the product is presented on the comfortable stands, mannequins. Even better if it can feel, well to consider and try. At the same time have to buy a cash register and to protect themselves from theft by installing an alarm.
A great advertising course are discounts. It's tempting the prices a little bit, but differ in the smaller side from the competition. Even better if the price tag is crossed out, and next is the price is much lower.

Sellers need to hire good looking, polite and trained in customer service. Moreover, they will have to motivate a percentage of sales at the end of the month.

It is equally important to choose a reliable and profitable distributor. That is the firm where you buy jewelry wholesale. It can be an online store or wholesale outlet. In the opening of your jewelry store will take a lot of money. But if done correctly, you invested in your business finances should be recouped within six months.

Jewellery with their hands

If Finance is not too much, and credit the business woman is afraid to take, and besides, she had "Golden hands", you can try to make exclusive jewelry. Unique handmade jewelry is valued very expensive. For the realization of its few items that you can use a site configured for Internet-shop. Even if the website to order a specialist, this kind of business won't cost that much. However, to formalize their business and pay income taxes still have.