You will need
  • Sewing machine, scissors, thread, needles, and various accessories.
Earn sewing almost everyone. The only thing you need is a quality pair of scissors for cutting material and sewing machine. Desirable overlock as high-quality stuff the inner joints must be treated.
Not always hold for complex orders. Start with simple things. Do not attempt to take a lot of orders, it is better at first to work slowly, but qualitatively. After all, your most basic advertising - your satisfied customers.
If the sewing machine and scissors are available, it is possible to consider a question concerning fabrics and materials. Perhaps you will take orders for manufacturing of products from fabrics buyer. And maybe will offer you have available in stock fabric to choose from. Don't forget about the accessories. It is better to buy accessories in wholesale stores or ordered via the Internet.
The most important thing in any production is to find a market, to find buyers. You can offer your services to neighbors on the porch, just hanging at the entrance to the house announcement. Offer your services to friends, acquaintances, relatives. Place your free announcement in the local newspaper. Create a free website where you can post photos of their work, here your customers can leave their comments and suggestions. Be sure to make business cards, you will need them.
Perhaps you will not be limited to tailoring and decide to expand their business. In this case, you need to read a few foreign sites, to conduct research on the Russian market. So you can figure out what is now the most popular, to bring a fresh solution. Try to produce something that is in demand but not in stock. Now very popular original bags, toys, dresses transformers, accessories for animals.