Plus, these centres of leisure for children is that children can interact with their peers, sculpting or painting, and to flop in hundreds of balls or cartoon watch, because it is much more interesting than shopping in a long life. In addition, the child will be able to choose in the future, what would it be like to develop as a creative person. After all, it is the main difference between the leisure centre area. Experienced consultants will not just observe process, but suggest and teach children the art of drawing or sculpting.

Where to open?

The best option is shopping center, where the concentration of potential buyers in 1 square metre rolls. Definite plus rent in commercial premises is available ready-made documents, which eliminates the "running around" during the opening.

Where to start?

As in any business one of the most important things is the title. Second, but equally important is the procurement of product and concept development.

All these products not only for use in the center, but it is possible to put them on sale. So it is better if you can order from wholesalers, with the time becoming they have a loyal customer and get a good discount.

It is important not to skimp on what the children are doing.


Recruitment is a very important stage of opening of the center. Because the consultant in your centre should not only know their job, but to be able to handle the children, so that parents wanted to bring their child every time. After all, the most valuable thing in any business is a constant customer. The responsibility of the consultant to record numbers of parents in case of need to contact them. It is important to specify in a conspicuous place that the administration of the community centre is not responsible for children.