There are dozens of types of needlework: embroidery, macrame, knitting, sewing and so on. But there comes a time when the house begins to resemble an art gallery (if you, for example, cross stitching), and relatives, friends and acquaintances have repeatedly gifted hats, scarves and blouses that are associated with your hands. It's time to turn a hobby into a profitable business.

How to make money on crafts?

First, you can do the work custom. The first customers will be friends and then word of mouth will make you good publicity. Customers can be searched via the Internet-exposing the photos you have done of products. A wealthy businessman and his beautiful wife will want to have a beautiful painting above the fireplace, which depicts a winter forest or endless sea. However, to embroider your own landscape for them. Such people are willing to pay masters for the job. If you love to sew, but not confident in their abilities as a cutter, you can take things to the trouble.

Secondly, if you are really a professional in the business and know about your Hobbies absolutely everyone, can write a training course. In text or video format to tell the story of the appearance of the selected form of needlework, about the accepted terminology, the basic tools and principles and then proceed to the master-classes on creation of author's things.

Don't be afraid to reveal the secrets. Each word told by you is worth its weight in gold for beginners

You have created a training course can be sold via the Internet. To upload for a small fee or spread on the disks.

Thirdly, you can get the pleasure to do more things and sell finished products. Each product will find its buyer. If you are doing beaded flowers, make a few songs: Sakura, birch tree, money tree, bonsai, flower compositions. Work pictures you can put on your site, in someone's personal blog on needlework, or online store (pre-contact owner) or specialized resources.

On the Internet there are many resources such as "Fair of masters" or "Be original", which can be free to exhibit their work for sale

What kind of crafts to choose?

Many believe that profitability can only be just sewing or knitting. Yes, this is partly true. The demand for such things increases every year. Natural materials and high-quality joints, neat job for that people are willing to pay. On the market or even a very good shop is not easy to find thing made from natural materials. Often even a small percentage of synthetics there. People who have certain health problems or those who value the quality of natural things, do not violate the natural heat exchange, will buy your work. In addition, you can sew and knit clothes custom sizes. It may also be a good way of earning.

Unfortunately, many masters, by visiting only 2-3 of the master class, do some work and try to sell them, but I can't quickly get disappointed and convince others, that make work impossible. This is not so. And it does not matter if you do cross-stitch, playing the wool, make the original toys, weave a beaded necklace or make jewelry out of polymer clay. If the product is made qualitatively and with love, make them is not difficult.