You will need
  • premises;
  • - trading equipment;
  • - supply of the goods;
  • - sellers.
Select the space for the future shop. A Department with goods for needlework easier to open in one of the shopping centers with good traffic. To potential buyers you have noticed, equip a beautiful showcase. In addition to the goods it is possible to exhibit decorative items reminiscent of the needlework, for example, old sewing machine, or large outdoor Hoop with started embroidery.
Pick range of goods. Buy yarn for knitting, threads for embroidery, ready-made kits for beginner knitters, as well as tools – embroidery, hooks, needles, knitting needles. Add the materials for the manufacture of dolls, silk ribbon embroidery, beading, glass beads, fine finished jewelry, dyes for fabrics and glass. Don't forget about important things like inexpensive canvas or sintepuh for stuffing. It is important that the buyers were able to buy everything you need in your salon, not addressing the competitors.
The goods is comfortable to put on special racks. Buy stands for yarn and thread, glass Windows with backlight for display of small accessories. Will purchase magazines and books on needlework – they not only ensure good sales but also decorate the shop. Constantly replenish the assortment, prompting regular customers often come to you in search of novelties.
Consider pricing. It is desirable to provide a sufficiently wide range of products suitable to buyers with different incomes. Exposing prices, look for similar products of competitors. To attract first time buyers they can slightly underestimate, and after one or two months after the opening - up.
Employ the staff. Small cabin is enough of a saleswoman to watch. Hire girls who love crafts and is able to give qualified advice. Consider their opinion in the subsequent procurement of goods. The sellers constantly communicate with customers and have the opportunity to ask them about what they would like to purchase.
Decide what you want to attract buyers. You need to form a pool of loyal customers. Print the discount card with a discount of 10-15 percent. In addition to discounts, regular customers you can indulge in a few bonuses and gifts are confined, for example, the birthday of the salon.
Expand range of services. You can organize a competition for the best embroidery or soft toy is sewn together with the children. Organize training courses for various types of crafts, devise a system of pre-orders. Good idea – the Internet-shop, founded on the base of your salon. With proper organization of work, he will help you to significantly increase turnover and hence profit.